Becoming My Own Best Self

Doing Good By Stealth

I was accompanying Bill to an appointment with his Cough Doctor. As is my wont/want, I brought along my present project of needlework. I don’t relish sitting empty-handed doing nothing. (When we go to friends’ for dinner, it’s a selfless…
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Sixty-Seven Orbits Around the Sun

Sixty-seven years ago tomorrow I gave birth to my first child. It was then called “natural childbirth.” I conceived the baby when we were living in New York city (I was happily a copywriter at the great department store, Lord…
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With Whipped Cream on Top

Well, here I am fourteen hours into the new year…made coffee, tea, bacon, French toast, unloaded the dishwasher in order to load it up with last night’s dishes–I cooked an enormous Turkey Tetrazinni for our celebratory supper, marvelous but arduous.…
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Well, for a wonder, here we are bumping up against Christmas again! Where’d it come from, so all-of-a-sudden? And the end of the year approaches, too? Amazing. Here I am, a bundle of worries and a heap of concerns but…
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Feeling My Age

Seems to me that my late bout with unreality (or call it what you will) took its toll. I seem to have less energy. I walk in shorter steps and, walking, I’m more bent over than I used to be.…
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