Taking Stock

The Annual Accounting

Writing indoors as torrents of rain shush down outside our windows–no drought here in Kauai as there is in Santa Cruz…
And so the end of the year draws nigh…time to take stock…where’ve I been…where’m I going?…will I be able to get there?

My particular grazias for the past year:
first and foremost, Bill Bill Bill
then Uschi Uschi Uschi (our almost-four-year-old German Shepherd daughter)
our great-grandchildren—we’re up to eight!—and of course the children and grands what brung them to the party
our blessings of good health and vigor—that we escaped COVID
a new knee that I can almost kneel on (hey, just saw “knee” and “kneel”~ wow)
Sami, who holds us together
John, always generous, extraordinarily so through The New Knee
Deborah and Gracie, invaluable copines
Schwartzes and Chuns, incomparable neighbors
patient Nina at appnet
Mothering Hen Jeanette
knowledgeable Hollis, training us into shape
Heather Cox Richardson, giving the days perspective
friends old and new and those I haven’t met who seem to like my voice

My particular regrets of the past year:
that my study hasn’t been put to rights
that the garage hasn’t been put to rights
that the garden hasn’t been put to rights—Uschi still rules
that our government is fragmented
that my novel hasn’t seen the light of day
that I’m not grown-up enough to shrug off slights…

My particular pluses of the past year:
beginning Cross-Fit, committing to being in pliable shape
every afternoon walking Uschi a mile along the edge of the continent

My particular wishes for the new year:
the Peruvian grandson coming to live with us prospers in his 7th grade
the voting rights and Build Back Better bills pass
my sterling old friend’s sterling old friend at last connects with her
I lose 10 pounds and keep them off
I can outfox my left knee (motion is lotion), not have it replaced
a cherished alcoholic friend chooses wellness
Bill and I stay upright, healthy, lucid

My particular pledges for the new year (not promises…pledges are more forgiving):
I will bend every effort not to interrupt
I will pay it no mind when someone I love is mean-spirited

Worries for the new year:
not going there…

Merry Christmas!

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