Taking Stock

Back to Normal

Just to say that our house is back to normal.

Bill’s been sickabed on two chairs (lovely old-fashioned expression, don’t know where it came from but it’s descriptive…actually he’s been in the plain old bed) for the last week.

I think he did it deliberately to make me realize how much help he is in our house. Lord ‘a mercy, dishes piled up in the sink…wastebaskets overflowed with Kleenex in some (non-recyclable) and newspapers in others…grandson Cameron had to walk Uschi before he rode off to school in the morning as The Powers that Be will no longer let me walk our 88-pound German Shepherd by myself, damn. Nevermind that I sorely missed my husband’s company after supper… he’d have supper with Cameron and me, sitting at a distant tray, but then after Wordle go back to bed, so no tranquil knitting while we sat watching a movie together. Last night we did watch one–a medium-grade noir (Bill’s specialty), but tonight I’m hoping we can watch a fine movie…maybe back to our William Wyler festival. Am I up to two hours and fifty minutes heart-aching through The Best Years of Our Lives?

At last I can tuck the Brussels sprouts, beets, cabbages, lettuces, marigolds, and shiso into the garden–oh, great, the Prism kales just arrived. Later I’ll whiz off to the market and get ingredients for tonight’s stir-fry (I’m doing a Nina Simond’s tofu with hoisin sauce. I asked Cameron this morning how he liked tofu: “I don’t like it and I don’t dislike it.” How about Chinese food? “I don’t like Chinese food.” “But I thought you liked a stir-fry.” “I do like a stir-fry.” I softly murmured that was Chinese food, but you don’t stuff facts down a sweet fifteen-year-old’s palate…)

Anyway. After a rather rough week, one thing and another, it’s a sunny Friday. I just got off the phone with a very nice tech at Apple–Ellen taught school for twenty years, now helps dolts like me–and she got me back a considerable sum of money that had been charged on my Apple card–didn’t know I had an Apple card (it was with a bank I don’t bank with) and didn’t know I’ve been nickeled and dimed these past months for apps I didn’t know I owned. Two for reading those squiggly squares…one for Apple TV which we haven’t watched in ages…one for something that counts the steps I take each day…another with murmured meditations (recommended by a friend but not my cuppa)…one for my daily calendar, which was OK…and so on. Point being, if you ever cruise looking for apps and think you might like one, be careful not to subscribe or purchase it…if you do unbeknownst, beknownst you’ll be charged a fair penny. So go to Settings on your phone, then your version of “Media & Purchases,” and clean up.

This lovely day we’re getting texts and photographs from family visiting Africa for the first time–marvelous.

It looks as though our side of politics ain’t hopeless after all.

Happy first week-end in September. Oh. It’s the second week-end, you say? Could be.

I’m just happy any old day now my life is back in order.

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