Becoming My Own Best Self


Hey, when something terriblewretchedmiserableuglyawfulhorribleunbelievableynasty happens to you–a ton of bricks falls on your head and there’s no unbricking the pain–what do you do?
First, of course, I would imagine you try to understand where the bricks fell from and why they fell…
Mistake? (That would be the best choice.)
Second, I would imagine you try to figure out if there’s anything you can do about it, past picking up the bricks and stacking them out of the way. If they’re new bricks make a path of them somewhere. If they’re used bricks, ditto.
My Catholic husband would say to “offer it up.” That’s an idea that really appeals to me. Take The Terrible Happening in both hands and lift it up so The Powers That Be know it’s for them, and they’ll look at it, say to one another, Hmmm, this is from (fill in the name), wonder what she/he/they want us to do with a bunch of bricks? Whoa, here are bits of flesh, oh dear…
Just wondering.
It interests me–nay, I find it so interesting, so surprising–that bad things happen to good people. Oh, so you’ve heard that one? Yep. Of course at the end of that spectrum is the guy who says, Oh no, bad things happen to BADDIES!
But I’m not one for getting even.
I’m one for a smooth surface. Loving. Happy. Grateful.
Oh well. One takes one’s portion and is, as I say, grateful.
So many blessings a bunch of bricks falling on your head doesn’t even things out.

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