Messiness As Art

I’m putting my study to rights.
I’m told Albert Schweitzer and Alexander Calder also had absurdly messy studies.
That comforts me. I’m in good—nay, secure—company. No one can make fun of me.
Except for decades friends have been taking pictures of my study. Never quite knew why. I mean they were good friends, loving friends…never an implication of blackmail…
My husband views it differently. Bill says the Whitney Museum of American Art should exhibit my study as an installation at its next Biennial.
The Whitney Biennial is “A constellation of the most relevant art and ideas of our time, our 2022 exhibition will be the Biennial’s eightieth edition.”
Think my study qualifies as an expression of art?
It’s an expression, all right, but that of a woman who doesn’t stop to put things where they ought to be.
Messrs. Schweitzer and Calder understood.

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