With Whipped Cream on Top

Well, here I am fourteen hours into the new year…made coffee, tea, bacon, French toast, unloaded the dishwasher in order to load it up with last night’s dishes–I cooked an enormous Turkey Tetrazinni for our celebratory supper, marvelous but arduous. Will I make it again next New Year’s Eve? It’d be a delicious tradition (a little late starting a New Year’s Eve tradition, you say?)

Anyway, it’s going to be a super year. I just know it.

Will work hard–major major–trying to preserve our precious democracy.

Will focus on being organized and gleaning as much from each day as I possibly can.

Will be more patient. More attuned to what Bill is feeling, needing, wanting.

Listen more closely when Cameron offers his teen-age mumblings.

Stay in closer touch with scattered friends.

Try to shoulder with grace and charity the burden of fractured relationships…

Be a good woman!

May all resolutions–mine and yours–be realized. With whipped cream on top.

Indeed, I wish you a Very Happy New Year.

Thanks for stopping by. I am grateful.

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