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Well, for a wonder, here we are bumping up against Christmas again!

Where’d it come from, so all-of-a-sudden?

And the end of the year approaches, too?


Here I am, a bundle of worries and a heap of concerns but above all, a passel of loving wishes and hopes…

Please have a happy holiday with people you love…

Please let go of your worries and your heap of concerns…

I’m going to.

And next year I’m going to be more focused. (When I introduced my new love, Bill, to my beloved old friend, Hildy, she was in a hospital bed but bright and shiny as ever. Hildy beckoned Bill to her side, he leaned down and she whispered to him, “Keep her focused.” Bill often quotes Hildy to me.)

Merry Christmas, children!

I hope to pop in before the New Year. If I don’t, may yours be the best ever.

Very much love from old but happily hanging in there Sylvia…

(The photograph I took in Bangkok very late one festive night…)

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